Commercial Roof Types

Trusted Roofing has the resources and equipment to complete roofing projects for office buildings, industrial, retail/restaurant, and multi-family. Many commercial roofs are low-sloped. A roof that has a pitch under 2/12 is considered a low-sloped roof also known as a flat roof. Flat roofs are typically covered with a type of membrane material that helps shed water from a slight inclination. The water on the roof will either filter into a gutter system or a rainwater drainage system that drains directly into the ground, keeping the walls and foundation dry.

Our low-sloped roofing crews have experience installing roof systems, including:


Brands We Use

Trusted Roofing LLC is an experienced applicator in many low sloped roof manufacturers, including:

  • Johns Manville
  • Versico
  • GAF
  • Garland
  • FiberTite
  • Tremco
    And many more

We provide detailed reports, drawings, and inspections so business owners and management companies can make an informed decision that best suits their needs.

In addition, we assist our customers with budgeting for their reroofs. Commercial roof replacements can be costly but with a budget, in place, a business can prepare overtime to pay for their roofing needs eliminating the surprise of replacing their roof.

Our Process

Provide options that best suit your needs and budget. Once an agreement is made the project gets added to our schedule. We have implemented a “No Project Left Behind” policy – where our management team meets every week to review each project from the moment that we receive a contract to final construction and closing paperwork. Our professional and experienced roofing crew will come out to the property and perform all necessary roofing work with safety guidelines in place to keep you and our crew safe.
All re-roof projects get a final inspection by our Project Manager. Invoice and closing paperwork is provided.

Maintenance After Your Roof Replacement

It is necessary to maintain your roof and keep debris off of the roof and out of the roof draining system to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty. Maintaining a flat roof can be difficult at times because water will penetrate the various types of coverings and travel a long way before causing visible damage or leaking into a building. Also, the maintenance of drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts is a very important step in maintaining a flat roof because gravel, leaves, and debris can collect and prevent water from draining off the roof. This causes a pressure head of water which will force the water into the smallest hole or crack. In Colorado’s climate, ponding water can freeze breaking up the roof’s surface as it expands while it freezes creating cracks that melted water will penetrate.

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